Get Involved

Shift welcomes all respectful participants. There are a lot of ways to get involved:

  • Join a ride from our calendar. You may want to read some suggestions for enjoying your ride in this comic.

  • Join the Shift email list! Chat with fellow Portland area bike-fun-motivated people. Publicize your awesome ride, ask for route advice, engage in lively debate about local transport. Low volume, delivered to your inbox or you can read occasionally on the web.

  • Help lead a ride! Ride leaders are almost always looking for help in crowd management - sweeping, corking, helping get folks’ attention when it’s time to ride out. If you can find the leader before a ride starts, ask if they need help!

  • Lead your own ride!

  • Volunteer:

  • Donate! The paypal button at the bottom of the page here lets you give a tax deductible donation to shift via our fiscal sponsor Umbrella. You can see how we use this money on our expenses page.