Weekly Rides

Any day of the week is a good day for bike fun! Many groups have regularly-scheduled rides that happen on a specific day of the week. Some of these happen every week, or every other; all of the ones listed here happen at least once a month.

This is just a sample — there are also plenty of one-off or less-frequent rides beyond these. Check the calendar for the latest. If you host a regularly-scheduled ride and would like to see it listed here, please contact us.


Mellow Mondays

  • Every Monday
  • Starting location: Irving Park

Casual ride series on Mondays to chill with friends and welcome new people to the community. Gift sharing is optional; small gifts such as snacks or stickers are a way to come together and get to know each other. Organized by Moorland Moss, with guest ride leaders on the regular.

More info: @NakedHearts:PDX on Instagram


Foster Night Ride

  • Every other Tuesday
  • Starting location: Portland Mercado

Eat, drink, and bike on a bike adventure in the Foster-Powell neighborhood & beyond.

More info: @FosterNightRidePDX on Instagram, Foster Night Ride on Facebook


Westside Wednesdays

  • Every other Wednesday, with occasional pop-ups on in-between Wednesdays
  • Starting location: usually Beaverton Transit Center, but occasionally varies (especially for pop-ups); check the calendar

Explore Beaverton and other westside locations by bike. If you’re coming from Portland, rides start and end near MAX light rail stations. For a maximum $5 daily fare, you can take the train to/from the westside and bring your bike onboard.

More info: @WestsideWednesdayRide on Instagram

Bike Happy Hour

  • Every Wednesday
  • Starting location: Gorges Beer Co., SE Ankeny St between 27th & 28th Ave (aka Ankeny Rainbow Road)

Not a ride itself, but a great place to hang out with other bike-y folks. Come by 3pm to 6pm (-ish) and enjoy community, food, and drinks. The only rules are to be nice and to keep your socializing circles open to new people! Name tags are encouraged as well; see Jonathan Maus or another Happy Hour Ambassador if you need one. Rides sometimes use this happy hour as a starting location, so check the calendar each Wednesday for related bike fun!

More info: Bike Happy Hour on BikePortland.org


Ride Safe PDX

  • Every Thursday
  • Starting location: Colonel Summers Park

A weekly ride led by Ride Safe PDX, a group aiming to make Portland rides safer from harassment. Theme, route, and playlist will change weekly, but every ride will have a store stop, safe people to help with any issues, and clear expectations of consent and respect. Every Thursday ride will be a loop (ends where it started). Free Biketown codes available; contact the leaders for details.

More info: @RideSafePDX on Instagram


Friday Night Ride

  • Every Friday
  • Starting location: Ladd Circle

Friday night ride that cruises around town to different spots. May link up with other rides, especially during the summer; 2nd Fridays meet up with Midnight Mystery Ride. Every first Friday is bottle share night (any type of drink), and the occasional fifth Friday is Bike Club Vest’s ride.

Midnight Mystery Ride (MMR)

  • 2nd Friday every month
  • Starting location: varies, check the calendar

The ride start location is kept secret until the day of the event. Meet up around 11pm at the start location, then ride off at the stroke of midnight to a destination known only to your friendly ride leader.

More info: Midnight Mystery Ride blog, Midnight Mystery Ride on Shift


PDX Market Rides

  • Every Saturday
  • Starting location: multiple in Southeast (SE Clinton St & 41st Ave; SE Clinton St & 26 Ave; east end of Tilikum Bridge, at PDX Opera)

An all-ages/all-abilities ride from Southeast Portland to the PSU Farmers' Market to help support local farmers, bakers, and makers of all kinds. Build community in a relaxed, informal setting. A post-ride adventure that is only loosely planned beforehand often follows. Check the #PDXMarketRides hashtag for the occasional ride in the same spirit to different markets on different days.

More info: @HamiRamani on Instagram, @HamiRamani on Twitter, #PDXMarketRides on Twitter


Corvidae BC

  • 2nd Sunday every month
  • Starting location: Peninsula Park

Second Sunday Funday ride every month — each month is led by a different Corvidae member and therefore will be unique. Rides try to focus on greenways, group etiquette, and silliness. In addition to bike safety and accessibility, bicycles are promoted as an alternative to fossil-fueled travel within Portland.

More info: @CorvidaeBC on Instagram, @CorvidaeBC on Facebook

Zoo Bomb

  • Every Sunday
  • Starting location: Zoo Bomb Bike Pyle (W Burnside & SW 13th)

Hop on the MAX train at Providence Park Station (either Red or Blue line, $2.50 fare), exit Washington Park Station, take the elevator up to the zoo, then ride downhill fast for fun! Minibikes, helmet, & lights encouraged; full face helmets recommended & any safety gear you want to wear. Ride at your own risk, and leave no trace!

More info: @ZooBomb on Facebook

Portland Bike Polo

  • Every Sunday
  • Starting location: Alberta Park, NE 20th Ave & NE Killingsworth St

Hardcourt Bike Polo is a fast-paced, gender-inclusive team sport played on a hard, smooth, enclosed court. Three players per team ride bicycles and use mallets to hit a small ball into the opposing team’s goal while avoiding physical contact with the ground. New players are welcome; loaner bikes & equipment available.

More info: @PortlandBikePolo on Instagram